Diversity & Inclusion Demographics

Let's take a look at the diversity & inclusion demographics in 2040!

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Why Is Looking at the Diversity & Inclusion Demographics Important?

We all know the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in the working environment. However, a study revealed that more than 57% of the employees want companies to improve Diversity and Inclusion among the workforce. So why do people feel that companies and organizations are not doing a good job of encouraging diversity?

In reality, managing a diverse workforce is challenging because each demographic traits such as gender, race, age, etc. each face unique challenges. Reflecting on the demographics, companies can reflect if they are managing the diversity and inlusion effectively or not. If not, they can start the recommended practices to improve the diversity (ex. build a culture of respecting diversity, create diversity training programs, review recruitment practices, etc.)¹

Demographics, Diversity & Inclusion

D&I demographics


  • The demographics will only be the catalyst for change in behavior and practices to improve our current situation of Diversity and Inclusion. To make it come true, we all have to start planning, act now, and be comfortable with the changes ahead.
  • Without accountability, Diversity and Inclusion efforts won’t hold. The missing ingredient for most solid D&I plans is that there are no repercussions for not hitting the goals.

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