Envision 2040

Why wait for the world of tomorrow when it could be the world of today?

Between a global health crisis, heightened social rights tension, and a polarized political environment, the world faces an uncertain future. This is where 2040 comes into play. Join the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute as we take a deep dive into how we can prepare for what the next 20 years will bring as we explore the intersections of technology, social rights, and how we interact with others.

Meet the Cohort Behind Envision 2040

Envision 2040 was made possible by a dedicate team of students from Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute's Cohort IX. Take a moment to learn about them and why they think Envision 2040 matters!

Meet Cohort IX!

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Who Are We?

We are Miami University's Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute! The Lockheed Martin Leadership is a three year intensive cohort certification program that focuses on Transformational Leadership for Students in Miami University's College of Engineering and Computing. The purpose of the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute is simple, yet powerful: to cultivate leaders who will flourish in their professions and lives by: thinking strategically; working collaboratively with others; effectively communicating their ideas; finding innovative solutions to society's most complex problems.

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