Meet Nhi Nguyen!

Video Transcript

Micheal Siino 0:05 So today I'm here with Nhi Nguyen of the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute Cohort 9, Nhi is currently working on the diversity and inclusion aspect of Cohort 9's Envision 2040 project, where they're developing a website to provide insights on what the world will look like in the year 2040. How are you today Nhi?

Nhi Nguyen 0:23 Good, how about you?

Micheal Siino 0:24 I'm doing well. Thanks. So today, I'm going to be asking you a few questions about 2040. If that's all right. Yeah. Alright, so first, why don't you tell me why the Envision 2040 project is important?

Nhi Nguyen 0:39 Well, the world is changing every day. And it is changing more rapidly than ever. So it is important for us to prepare and adapt to the change in the future. Our project Envision 2040 is built on the foundation of the two previous projects of the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute, which are embracing change and digital transformation. So by envisioning the future, what it will look like we can reveal ourselves and learn to adapt to and embrace change in the digital transformation over the next 20 years.

Micheal Siino 1:23 All right. So next, I'm going to ask, what insights have you gained in exploring the topic of what the world is going to look like in the year 2040.

Nhi Nguyen 1:39 I'm working on the aspect of diversity and inclusion. So what we have learned about the demographics is there will be a huge shift in the workspace. There will be less white Americans and more Hispanic, Asian, and black people in a workspace, there will also be an increase of women and women CEO. The age of the workspace will also increase, people will be more likely to work until they are 70. And just by looking at the demography, we also figure out how to help these different groups work well together.

Micheal Siino 2:38 Right, that's all really interesting. And lastly, what are you doing personally prepare yourself for that future.

Nhi Nguyen 2:48 I think the most important thing is self-reflection. First, I need to know what is keeping me from adapting to the new future, such as hidden bias, and stereotypes. Learning about new technologies also helps. Because I think it is better for us to use technologies for our work instead of having our work change because of them. The last thing is meeting new people. I believe that meeting people from different groups is the best way to learn about empathy, to embrace diversity, and so be inclusive.

All right, well, thank you for meeting with me today.

Nhi Nguyen 3:33 Thank you for listening too.

Micheal Siino 3:35 Alright, have a nice day!

Nhi Nguyen 3:38 You too!