Meet Kyle Lochtefeld!

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Sam Kuhbander 0:00 Hi, my name is Sam Kuhbander with the Lockheed Martin Institute and I'm here with Kyle Lochtefeld, who is a member of cohort nine. How are you doing today, Kyle?

Kyle Lochtefeld 0:11 I'm doing quite well. How about yourself?

Sam Kuhbander 0:14 I'm doing good. Um, and could you start off in telling us why your project Envision 2040 is important?

Kyle Lochtefeld 0:23 I think project is important, just because we're trying to figure out what the future is gonna hold, you know, I mean, so that means we figuring out the skills that we think are going to be required to be successful in 2040. I mean, with those skills, then you can plan ahead, you can start working on something that you think is gonna be relevant later. So you're prepared for it later, instead of have to figure it out whenever else figuring it out, you can be one step ahead. You know, and not only that, it's just have an idea kind of what the place I mean, what it's gonna look like, what's gonna be out there. I mean, it's just kind of interesting. For one. And for two, it's just to be prepared and maybe start working on some of those things, or just having those thoughts in mind when you're creating stuff or just planning it.

Sam Kuhbander 1:06 What insights have you gotten from exploring this topic?

Kyle Lochtefeld 1:10 So I'm actually currently writing an article on the future technology of vehicles. So the three main power sources I've noticed that are currently being researched, and trying to be developed and used is hydrogen, biofuel, and electric. So currently, electric is taking a strong lead compared to those other two technologies, but you never know, with how, what the future holds. And I mean, one technology,only one thing that advanced, we find out something new about hydrogen or biofuel, electric and other one might fall off the face of the earth, and it's gonna become the new thing. So it's always interesting. But currently, I think, at least from my research, I think electric has the lead on the other two, though.

Sam Kuhbander 1:51 Right! And then lastly, what are you going to do to prepare for the future?

Kyle Lochtefeld 1:55 Okay, so I'm an engineering major, just like the fellow members in my cohort, and we learned a lot of technological skills as an engineering major, you know. So going into 2040, though, I think having interpersonal skills are just gonna be just as important as our technical skills. And maybe even more important than that are technical skills, I don't know. But we'll also be working with a diverse group of people probably. And so that's not only people that are from a different background, but that also can be people from different fields of studies. But I think that overall, the most important thing is to make sure you just have continued learning because things are gonna be changing. I mean, technology is improving faster and faster. So it's just having that continued learning. So you can keep up with it. I mean, you keep learning the newest, newest, newest thing, you can't just get out of college and say, okay, I'm going to work for my 45th years or whatever it is that point and then retire because you're gonna have to learn the new thing because otherwise, you're going to get left behind. I think that's the largest thing to grab onto out of all that though, is to keep learning.

Sam Kuhbander 2:59 Alright, well, thank you for your time today and I look forward to learning more about your project as you put more and more out. Thanks for talking to me!

Kyle Lochtefeld 3:08 Yeah, thanks for having me. Have a good one.

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