Meet Kabir Arora!

Video Transcript

Hannah Duncan 0:00
Hello everyone, today I've brought my mentor Kabir Arora on with us virtually today to talk about the project he's been working on alongside with his cohort, as well as how this project has impacted his own life and the lives of his peers. The first question I have for you Kabir is why is Envision 2040 your project important?

Kabir Arora 0:20
Hi, Hannah thank you for the introduction. So I would say our project is very important because as Cohort 8 and Cohort 7, before us have had their big topics of Embracing Change and Digital Transformation. Our topic focuses more on the future and what it's going to hold for us. So our topic it combines both of those of the last two cohorts. And we focus it on three different lenses. So we have the future of technology, we have diversity and inclusion, and we have human interaction. And in each one of those different subcategories, we go on to talk about what each one has, what to expect for each one and what the future may look like for it.

Hannah Duncan 1:02
That's awesome. Thank you, what insights would you say that kind of learning and working on this project has taught you?

Kabir Arora 1:08
So as a cohort altogether, we have a whole list of possible insights. That we're going to be telling everyone about a few that me and my teammates are working on are, what new technologies can we expect to become a new norm. And one of those is I'll give you a little sneak peek. It's called the neural link, which is a technology that they're coming out with, which is a brain implant that goes on the back of your head, which allows your brain to directly communicate with all your other devices.

Hannah Duncan 1:37
Wow, that's really interesting. Right? So that's, that's pretty exciting little sneak peek for everything, we're gonna have to look forward to coming out with the publication of your, your project. So what would you say, Envision 2040 has taught you personally and kind of preparing for your future, and what you'll do with the rest of your career?

Kabir Arora 1:56
Yeah, so a lot of the research that we've done, I've been honestly, shocked by, because before, before starting any of this and like before realizing what 2040 is gonna hold for us. I wasn't expecting anything major to change. But we took a look at what changed the past 20 years. And we looked at how that could affect us in the future 20 years, right. So personally, I've, I'm super excited to see all the new technologies coming out. And all the new ways that we can use technologies to advance like, our like human interaction with each other, and like our communication with each other, and as well as the different like diversities coming to America. And as we can see already today, we have a whole like mixing pot and like I would just it's so exciting to see how that's going to grow on in the future.

Hannah Duncan 2:43
That's awesome. Thank you for sharing that. It's very exciting to kind of hear how societies going to be able to interact with expanding technologies and how we can come together as a community and kind of learn from that. Well, I thank you for your time today. It's been great to talk to you and I really look forward to Envision 2040 and everything coming out with that.