Meet Eunice Nsaam!

Video Transcript

Manas Shringare 0:06 Hello, everyone. So today we're going to be talking about Envision 2040. And before we get into it, I'll introduce myself. So I'm Manas Shringare and I'm a computer science major at Miami University. And I'm also a part of Cohort 10 at the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute. And today we are talk and discuss about Envision 2040. With Eunice handing it over to you.

Eunice Nsaam 0:31 Hello, my name is Eunice Nsaam I'm part of the Leadership Institute of Cohort 9. I'm currently a junior studying bioengineering.

Manas Shringare 0:42 Great. Let's get into the questions. Okay, so talking about Envision 2014. Tell us, Eunice, why is the Envision 2040 project important?

Eunice Nsaam 0:55 So I would say this project is important, in order for us to start to think about if we haven't already, the kind of future that may be approaching us and how we could be ready for it. So some of the Leadership Institute projects from the past have explored concepts of embracing change and digital transformation. And this project essentially allows for further exploration of these concepts or ideas in a more futuristic sense.

Manas Shringare 1:22 Yeah, that's really great to hear about and get to know more about. Thanks. Moving on to the next question. Tell us like, what insights have you gotten in exploring this topic?

Eunice Nsaam 1:36 So I'll say of the few topics that we will be showcasing on the Envision 2040 website, I worked on the accessibility topic with one of my cohort colleagues. And I'm personally becoming more and more aware of how very inaccessible some of our technologies are. And I think that for the coming years, this is an area that is certainly worth investing more time and effort into. So when we talk about recruiting some of the best minds for certain positions when we talk about, you know, helping someone to reach your fullest potential reach some of their goals. When you think about it, though, improving access to technology is directly an advantage to people with disabilities. I would think that it's often overlooked that the fact that the success of this improvement is kind of also reflected in how much further we can move on as a society in terms of our innovative developments and advancements.

Manas Shringare 2:31 Wow, that's really great to hear. Must've been an interesting process, like just walking through it, getting to know more about it, and growing through it.

Eunice Nsaam 2:39 Yeah, exactly.

Manas Shringare 2:41 It's great. Going on to a final one, probably, I think, the most important one, what are you going to do to prepare for the future.

Eunice Nsaam 2:52 So personally, I think it has a lot to do it kind of like preparing oneself first before kind of like going out there to help others. So prepare and prepare for the future, I plan on kind of working more towards understanding myself, you know, equipping myself with some of those helpful skills and pieces of knowledge that I gathered from my experiences, through learning from others, and allowing myself to be more open minded about situations that come my way. So some questions I could ask myself are, how can I start addressing any bias I have towards different groups of people around me what tools whether they're technical or personal, do I need to start obtaining now in order to achieve a goal that I'm passionate about? Especially through doing this project, I hope others will also kind of start thinking about these some of these questions or reflecting on themselves in this way, as well. And I've also come to realize that as we work with people and kind of build all these technological instruments to help people, we often have to overlook some of the cultural and emotional intelligence that accompanies that. And I think it would be in our very best interest to focus in on some of these ideas in our tech spaces, especially.

Manas Shringare 4:06 Really great to hear Eunice how much you're going to be taken away from this. And how it really like was a big part of your time at the Lockheed Institute.

Eunice Nsaam 4:16 Yeah, this is definitely like a really important project and it's really cool. Kind of going through the different steps of it. Really excited.

Manas Shringare 4:25 Great, wait to hear about it, get to know more about it and how we talk over it. Awesome. Thank you so much.

Eunice Nsaam 4:32 Yeah, thank you for having me.

Manas Shringare 4:34 Definitely. It's always a pleasure.