Meet Aversa Prentosito!

Video Transcript

Brandon Mammano 0:01 Hi, my name is Brandon Romano. I'm a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at Miami University. I'm a member of the cohort 10 of Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute here at Miami University. And today we will be discussing Envision 2040 with a Aversa Prentosito. Aversa, how are you doing today?

Aversa Prentosito 0:19 Hi! I'm good. Yeah, I'm Aversa. I'm a junior computer science student at Miami, and I'm in cohort nine of the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute.

Brandon Mammano 0:31
Awesome. So today we're talking about the Envision 2040 projects. So why is this Envision 2040 project important?

Aversa Prentosito 0:41
It's important because there will be a lot of changes between now and 2040. And we want to look at what some of those changes might be and how to adapt to change. Previous cohorts topics were embracing change and digital transformation. And we've built upon those within our project. Envision 2040 is about how we embrace change in the digital transformation over the next 20 years. The way we'll do this is by envisioning what the future will look like and preparing ourselves for that future ahead of time, we're trying to see what we as individuals can do to implement these ideas into our own daily lives.

Brandon Mammano 1:26
That's awesome. So working on this, what insights Have you gotten in exploring this topic?

Aversa Prentosito 1:34
So my cohort broke our topic down into sub topics and analyze them through three lenses, advancements in technology, embracing inclusion and human interaction. advancements in technology is focused on how technological capabilities will shift our daily lives. Embracing inclusion is focused on what we do from now, up through 2040. And this helps to ensure we're ready to engage in a more inclusive workplace because 2040 is going to be a diverse environment with people from a lot of different backgrounds. And then lastly, human interaction is focused on looking at how humans will be interacting and communicating with one another. With the rapid improvements in technology, and diversification of the workplace. So an example of this that we saw in the past year is the shift to remote instruction in the classroom. We didn't even imagine this two years ago, but it's what we're all experiencing today. And in this project, we're looking into what we expect will occur 20 years from now, this example is related to what I've explored within the topic of vision 2040, I've delved more into increased technology use within education. This is within the human interaction lens. But all the lenses are interconnected. My subtopic can be viewed through other lenses as well. So technologies within education is within the human interaction lens. Because as we see, currently, technology has impacted how we communicate with one another within educational settings. But it could also be within the advancements in technology lens, because technological advancements such as virtual reality advancements will affect how students are taught and how teachers teach. And it can also be within the third lens: embracing inclusion. Because technology, such as technology for disabled students, will allow those students to have a greater ability to learn. So by looking through these lenses, I've gained insights on how technology can impact education in the future.

Brandon Mammano 4:02
That's awesome. Those breakdowns are great. Okay, so my last question for you is, what are you going to do to prepare for the future?

Aversa Prentosito 4:12
A big thing to think about with all of our learning is what we're going to do to prepare for what's to come. Future thinking is a good thing. It allows us to imagine what kind of future we want to live in and how we can get there. So by thinking ahead, and having goals in mind, we're more likely to reach them. You'll also be better prepared for when things come up in the future. Future thinking is also good in transforming the way we think by thinking about the future and all the possibilities, we'll start thinking about opportunities and the way to achieve goals we envision.

Brandon Mammano 4:58
Wow, all of those insights are so helpful when looking into this program and what it's all about. So, thank you so much for your time today Aversa. And I hope you have a great day and thank you very much.

Aversa Prentosito 5:11
Thank you!